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February 25, 2010

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Shaved Chubby Black Bitch Wants To Fuck


049 15.jpg

There is no doubt that Mahogany Rain is going to cause some serious wood for you! This BBW is outstandingly gorgeous, and you can tell from the look in her eyes now and then that the hint of attitude behind her expression says she’s going to be a wild lover in the bedroom! This ebony skinned lovely has the plumpness of perfection to her body, rounding things out nicely with huge tits, those deep colored nipples and the slight ripple to her full thighs that will tell you she’s packing an extra bit of baggage. Being full figured agrees with this girl and it will definitely enhance the erection you’ll be gripping and stroking while watching her slip her red lingerie ensemble off, one piece at a time. The red, lace bra is the first to be done away with, followed by the matching panties, but thankfully she leaves the lace red stockings on, they give such a steaming and sexual announcement to the fact that this BBW is feeling pretty and she’s ready to show the world just how hot she can be. When her thick fingers begin to roam over her chubby, bare skin, the first place she explores is the meaty slit between her thighs, feeling the softness of her own pussy while she primes her nether regions for what will bring on the orgasm!

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February 25, 2010

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Sexy Old Brunette Fucked Missionary Style


tn_java3 14.jpg


Older babes aren’t given the admiration they deserve. Not only does Java show there are a few years under her belt, she also displays a little wear and tear to her slippery slit area. A few more wrinkles, a little more drawn up than those fresh teen pussies that are like new Spring flowers, ready to be plucked and admired, but for this woman, the age is proof to her pornographic experience that will have you wanting to abide by her every womanly wish. This mature woman is a wild cat sexually, she knows those lace topped thigh high stockings will drive them men wild, not to mention the multiple clit piercings that says she’s wanting stimulation on a continuous basis. With every step she takes, those silver half rings are rubbing her just the right way and it doesn’t take long until she’s ready for a full blown sexual encounter. Of course that starts off with exposing her tits, which are perfectly sized and holding that bit of a sagging effect, again, further confirmation of her MILF spot in the world. Not a hair to be found on her mature mound, just the eagerness of those lips spreading for whatever she can find to insert, and that happens to start off with a sex toy that she uses like a professional masturbator. This older babe knows her way around what gets her juices flowing, and she’s not afraid to show her skills at playing with herself, throwing her mind and body into a frenzy of fornicating fun.

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February 25, 2010

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Blonde Chunky Chick Plays With Dildo


tn_noemi4 12.jpg

Big girls get horny too, and they’ve got the weight to put behind their wetness, meaning they can have you cushioned between their meaty thighs and show you what real lust is all about! Noemi has the spreading, sexual look of waiting for a man that can hit those hard to reach places of pleasure for her, but, as you can tell, she’s not waiting long. The urge to slip into that sensual and saturating moment of pleasure is taking this sandy blonde babe over, and she’s going to show just how self reliant she can be. With her full breasts budding over the top of her red lingerie, pulled down for the effect of playing peek-a-boo with her nipples, the areolas are large and will make your mouth water for the taste testing enjoyment. She carries just enough weight to put her into the category of a BBW, and beautiful she is. With her legs draping wide apart she is eager to show the ease of which her latex lover can slide inside of her pussy. There’s little to no effort administered, her vaginal juices are drawing her battery operated toy in like steel to a magnet, plunging through the thickness of her outer lips, inches disappearing at one time, only to reappear with the coating of wetness as proof of the arousing appreciation. This full figured babe is masturbating for her own enjoyment, but also for the stimulation you’ll feel while viewing.

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February 25, 2010

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Chunky Chick Bends Over For Hot Love


noemi313 11.jpg

There’s something about those fornicating folds to a robust woman that will have a man using his cock as the compass, leading him to the lust factor and pleasure of sharing his bed with a plump beauty. Noemi knows the camera loves her, and she utilizes all of her plus size features to love it right back. She spreads her full thighs to display the wisp of dark, curly pubes nestled between, while the pinkness of her vaginal areas shows labia made for lust. With the roundness of her ass beckoning in a non verbal manner for that playful smack as she takes some doggie style penetration, there’s no denying her desire for sex. Chunky heeled shoes and deep red lingerie says there’s all woman nestled within the lace and being a BBW makes her extra appealing to the male or female genitalia. When her clit starts to throb she has her own ways of mastering the moisture, which includes spreading back those puffy lips and then masturbating until the climactic moment takes over, causing her full figured body to shudder with shameful excitement and pleasure. When fingers are no longer enough to take her over the erotic edge, she pulls out the dildo for ramming deeply into her womanly well of wetness, thrusting in and out and losing control with her solo sexual fucking.

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February 9, 2010

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There’s a full moon on the rise from this hot BBW and it’s going to engulf the erection

that will have her pussy juices dripping down to his balls! With big earrings, a tattoo and

sexy lingerie, this fuller figured babe is ready to set the porn world on their ear, she’s got

the heaviness to prove that horniness can match her pound for pound and she doesn’t

mind showing the sexual endeavors that take place. Hoisting her big butt high into the air

she shows the thong strip of her sexy panties lost within those half moons of meatiness,

and the slight peek of her plump pussy will have temperatures rising as high as the cocks.

She’s not going to let that position go to waste, instead she wraps her chubby fingers

around the base of her lover’s shaft and starts sucking up and down on his erection,

allowing the thickness to widen that much more, giving her the ability to show what

wonderful oral sex talents she inhabits. There’s no stopping the excitement of this hot

BBW once her hormones kick in, she’s going to drive the foreplay into full attention and

then polish off his prick with her weight bearing beauty by riding his rod and nearly

leaping to and fro with fornicating delight. This full figured girl is going to for the gusto of

a earth shaking orgasm.

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February 9, 2010

(1) Comment – Big Babe Rides Cowgirl



When this babe puts her weight behind the wants and desires she’s got rippling through

her loins, there’s not stopping her from getting just what she wants, and that happens

to be a huge cock with a big load of cum just waiting for her to suck and fuck it from the

testicles. Being a BBW definitely has its advantages, the soft, plush pleasure of those

extra pounds will drive a man wild when it thinks of those cellulite filled legs and that

huge ass for smacking, grabbing and squeezing while penetrating her with passion. This

raven haired hefty baby knows the way to his heart, starting with some tongue trickling

oral sex, sliding her tongue up and down the rigid sides of his shaft, chewing on his cock

head and then offering some deep throat excitement, she’s definitely got him right where

she wants him, and she’s not letting go. Straddling his masculine thighs, with his balls

already beginning to tighten, she’s got one overweight thigh on each side as his cock

becomes buried under her layers of lust filled fineness. She bounces up and down on his

cock while his hands dig deeply into the thickness of her skin, showing that the beauty of

a fuller figured woman will have him blowing his load every time.

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February 9, 2010

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The loveliness of this BBW is showing in every pound she’s packing! Her face holds

angelic features, but with such a devilish touch of delight, she knows what a man

likes and she’s ready to part ways with her wetness to share with him. Clad in her

black lingerie, corset, panties and stockings, she turns to flash her big butt at the

camera, letting every dimple and ripple of her overweight loveliness to show nicely.

With big tits springing free from the front of her binding lingerie it’s apparent she’s

got the makings for a hardcore presentation of pleasure. Pulling back the thick pussy

lips she exposes the meatiness of her vaginal area, the swelling that says she’s excited

and ready to take on the huge erection waiting on the sidelines. With her full figured

beauty being more than apparent, she bends at the waist to grab his cock and begin the

blowjob that has him wanting to grab her brunette hair and push her all the way onto

him for the deepthroat desire. She sucks like a pro until the need to feel him buried

inside of her body takes over, leaving her weight to take over her lover as well.

She squats every pound onto his lap while riding his big cock with all of the BBW

excitement she can bring to the camera.

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February 9, 2010

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You’ll be praising the prettiness of this redhead once she sheds the clothing and her

inhibitions, she’s ready for a hot night with the cameras running and her juices flowing.

With deep, rich black thigh high stockings her stiletto heels dig into the carpet while

bracing her legs wide, giving a perfect shot of her meaty pussy and the thick clit that

resides under the hood of horniness. With a great POV look in her eyes, the puffiness of

her jaws tell you quite a few inches of an engorged cock is already pushing deeply into

her mouth, being coated by her saliva while it slips and slides across her lips, showing she

has oral sex talents that will keep him hard, aroused and horny. There’s no denying his

adoration of her big clit and the ache to feel his cock sliding over it from deep, sensual

penetration has him between her thighs and forging ahead with a fucking that will have

them both breathing hard and preparing themselves for a mind blowing orgasm. With no

hair to her vaginal mound his entry is easily made and smooth to the thrusting, driving

his hard dick deeper into her womanly wetness with each moment of approaching


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February 9, 2010

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Bring your adoration for redheads with you and then lose yourself in the lust of this

older babe that has a pussy ready to be pleasured! With just the slightest amount of

extra pounds for pornographic presentation,she’s ready to unleash the zipper of her

bustier and let her full tits springforward, with those pale colored areolas that nearly

beckon your lips in for a closer taste. Curves accentuating all of the right areas on this

hot honey she spreads her nylon clad thighs to show you the deep redness ofher

slippery slit with the huge clit, ready to be touched, rubbed, licked, sucked and of

course fucked. She doesn’t mind dropping to her knees to give the oral sex passion by

using no hands for face fucking before she mounts her manly partner and allows those

thick vaginal lips to swallow up his shaft until there’s nothing left to show but the

tightness of his balls. There’s no denying this damsel of delight is ready to give

whatever it takes for a full fledged fornication session, and that will include anal sex as

well, spreading the sphincter until the beauty of her gaping hole is left as a reminder.

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